Attic Pest Inspection & Prevention

The attic is one of the areas of the home least visited by humans but it is the most visited places by critters such as birds, insect, bats etc., especially when they are looking for a place to stay to shield them away from cold. These annoying and uninvited visitors can cause serious damage to your home, and also bring serious injury and deadly diseases to you and your family.

You may be of less concern that your attic is at much danger of attracting pests since its not on the ground floor where most pests live. Nevertheless, your attic is very attractive to all manner of pests because it is humid, it has plenty lot of wood and other organic materials, and it is free of human activities. These pests can nest there, feast and search for water without being interrupted by anyone, and therefore it makes it an ideal place for pest to live in.

Most times, you might not know that pests have infested your attic and they have obviously made it their new home, until their numbers have multiplied. This is why it is very essential to protect your attic as soon as possible before it becomes worse.

One of the first signs of sensing whether there is presence of these critters in your attic is; when strange noises are coming out from your attic. It could be pests scratching and scurrying about. When you notice these strange noises, it is very important to swift into action immediately to contain it at the initial stage.


Prevention as they always say is better than cure. Pests are sneaky, while it is somehow difficult to prevent them from getting inside your home completely, there are several methods you can adopt to reduce the threat of any infestation. Therefore is it important to practice preventions methods to avoid damage to your attic by pests. If there are some exterior part of your home has suffered damage such as missing or torn roofing shingles, missing chimney caps, broken gutters etc, get them repaired as soon as possible because the sooner you fix them, the sooner you take your home back from these critters.

  • To begin the prevention tips, simply start outside by trimming any overgrown tree branches and overgrown bushes and vines near the home that could allow rodents to get to the attic. If present, secure the chimney with a cap, and use high quality, rust-proof wire mesh to cover any vents or roof openings.
  • Avoid leaving pet food or trash outside the house for long periods, making sure to use sturdy, sealable trashcans if you do.
  • Inside, organize the attic to wipe out any clutter and opt for plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes when storing items.
  • Lastly, assess both the interior and exterior of the attic, checking for potential gaps or openings. Seal all cracks and holes with a silicone-based caulk, steel wool or a combination of both.

With all these inspection and prevention tips in place, it is guaranteed that within a short period, you will free of pest infestations in your home.

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