Pigeon & Bird Extermination

Dealing with bird problems is one of the most challenging issues for people, either the birds have taken over a commercial, public or residential buildings, and trying to get rid of them is not that an easy task to carry out. There are several ways to exterminate birds, but each of these methods has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Pigeons are birds that have had a long association with humans, and these birds acts as one of the methods of sending messages over long distances for centuries. However, these birds can cause many problems when they forage for foods, sometimes they may even be aggressive trying to steal food from people. Excessive amounts of feces by pigeons are unaesthetic and harmful because it can make plants to die and metals to rust. Pigeons can pollute grains in the gardens; they are carriers of deadly diseases like encephalitis, ornithosis and salmonellosis.

For all these reasons, many people want to kill pigeons. In case you want to get rid of pigeons from your home; below are the lethal and humane methods of exterminating pigeons:


Using traps is one of the effective ways of getting rid of pigeons. There are so many types of traps that can be used to kill birds, and birds like pigeon that normally walks on the roof lie or window can be exterminated by the noose trap. Just get a noose trap, and bait it with bird seeds, the noose will tighten around the neck of the bird as soon as it gets around it and prevents it from escaping. The only limitation to this method is that it might take some time before it kills the bird, and its a bit difficult to set up. You can also use another method by spreading birdlime around the areas where the birds are present, this will hold the bird in place and prevent them from flying away, though this might take some time before it kills the bird.


Shooting pigeon with a gun is one of the ways to get rid of these animals from the home. Meanwhile it is important to take note of the relevant laws in regards to shooting in your area, as it is illegal in some areas to kill pigeons with guns. An air rifle can be used to shoot the pigeon, and make sure this is carried out in the night when these birds are usually inactive. There are some problems associated with killing pigeons with a gun, even if you target the bird well, it is not likely to die instantly and may fly to another area. If this happens it will pass through severe pain before it eventually die and this is inhumane.


This is also another method to exterminate birds like pigeons; there is a special type of poison that can be used as this specifically targets pest birds. This poison is Avicides, due to its toxic nature, it will definitely kill any animal that is exposed to it, and therefore it is highly restricted. So, it is necessary to check with your local animal welfare department to see if it is legal to use in your area. If you are using this method, it is therefore important to ensure safety precautions to avoid other animals like your pests from getting in contact with the poison.

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